Lytha Studios KumiPlanner - Kumihimo Pattern Design Application - Beta

This application will show you how to make certain patterns for a basic 8 warp round kumihimo braid. We plan to offer other braid styles in the future. This application is still in beta testing - we'd love to hear your feedback. The KumiPlanner has been tested and found to work properly in the following browsers: Firefox (3.x), Google Chrome (7.x and 8.x), Safari (5.x), and Epiphany (2.x). It does not work properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.x, 7.x, or 8.x).

How to Use the KumiPlanner

Pick a color from the choices on the left. "Paint" the knots on the braid in the pattern you want. OR "paint" the strands on the loom.
Use the starting positions shown on the loom to create the pattern pictured.
When you get a pattern you like - click the "Link/Save" button, and then bookmark your page.

Click on a mix to see the design in the KumiPlanner.

Beauty, Shocking Pink, Lt. Pink, Lt. Beige Red, Shocking Pink, Orange, Maize, Avacado, Turquoise, Teal, Purple

Light Beige, Light Yellow, Dark Gold, Avacado Light Beige, Coffee, Lavender, Plum, Purple, Light Yellow, Maize, Dark Gold Light Pink, Shocking Pink, Rose, Orange, Peach, Light Yellow, Avacado, Dark Olive Wine, Rose, Shocking Pink, Light Pink, Avacado, Dark Olive, Jungle, Turquoise

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