Triloka® Stick Incense

All Triloka® incense is made according to the masala method. This age-old method combines natural herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils that are ground into a fine powder. These powders are kneaded into a paste and hand-rolled onto fine bamboo sticks and dried by the sun. With 30 years of experience, Triloka® is considered the finest natural herbal incense line on the market.

Each 10g. Packet has 12 Sticks

Original Herbal Incense Sticks

Product currently unavailable.

IS1-13 Arabian Myrrh $2.45 Buy Arabian Myrrh »
IS1-3 Clearwind $2.45 Buy Clearwind »
IS1-6 Frankincense & Myrrh $2.45 Buy Frankincense & Myrrh »
IS1-20 Hopi Pinon $2.45 Buy Hopi Pinon »
IS1-22 Isis Rose $2.45 Buy Isis Rose »
IS1-8 Jasmine $2.45 Buy Jasmine »
IS1-9 Lavender Fields $2.45 Buy Lavender Fields »
IS1-11 Mellow Yellow $2.45 Buy Mellow Yellow »
IS1-14 Nag Champa $2.45 Buy Nag Champa »
IS1-17 Orange Blossom $2.45 Buy Orange Blossom »
IS1-19 Patchouli Garden $2.45 Buy Patchouli Garden »
IS1-23 Sandalwood $2.45 Buy Sandalwood »
IS1-25 Special Sandalwood $2.45 Buy Special Sandalwood »
IS1-41 Vanilla Breeze $2.45 Buy Vanilla Breeze »
IS1-39 Assorted Fragrances $2.45 Buy Assorted Fragrances »

Premuim Herbal Incense Sticks

Premium incense is made to release a richer fragrance when burning with a fine after-aroma.

IS3-1 Amber $2.75 Buy Amber »
IS3-8 Blue Lotus $2.75 Buy Blue Lotus »
IS3-26 Celestial $2.75 Buy Celestial »
IS3-0 Enchanted Forest $2.75 Buy Enchanted Forest »
IS3-4 Frankincense $2.75 Buy Frankincense »
IS3-27 Lemongrass $2.75 Buy Lemongrass »
IS3-6 Lotus Champa $2.75 Buy Lotus Champa »
IS3-7 Myrrh $2.75 Buy Myrrh »
IS3-11 Patchouli $2.75 Buy Patchouli »
IS3-2 Sierra Cedar $2.75 Buy Sierra Cedar »
IS3-5 Vanilla Sandalwood $2.75 Buy Vanilla Sandalwood »
IS3-3 White Rose $2.75 Buy White Rose »