Global Shaman Herbal Smudges

Most of our Global Shaman smudges come from a Native American reservation cooperative. The different herbs are grown and harvested on the reservation in a sustainable manner that preserves their natural habitats.

These attractive smudges contain various dried sages and other herbs, bound with colorful cotton threads. Before you light a smudge - you'll need to make sure you have a fire proof vessel with you. You may use an abalone shell, a stone or clay pot, or a plate filled with a layer of sand to insulate from the heat.

Light the tip of the smudge bundle, allow it to burn for a few moments, then fan the flame out. It will smoulder - continue to fan the smudge with a feather or your hand to distribute the smoke.

Sage and herbal smudges are often use to cleanse, purify and refresh. Here at Lytha Studios, we routinely smudge the our work space after every good clean - it leaves the room looking and feeling fresh and vibrant!

We offer several different sizes and herbal combinations to suit your needs, bulk packs of our mini smudges, and a lovely gift box for those just getting started!

Mini Smudges - Approximately 3.5" in length
ISG-2 Sage, Cedar & Lavender Pack of 3 $5.50 Buy ISG-2 »
ISG-3 White Sage Pack of 3 $5.50 Buy ISG-3 »
ISG-4 Assorted Sages * Pack of 3 $5.50 Buy ISG-4 »
ISG-5 White Sage Pack of 50 $68.00 Buy ISG-5 »
ISG-6 Sage, Cedar & Lavender Pack of 50 $68.00 Buy ISG-6 »

Medium Smudges - Approximately 6" in length
ISG-12 Sage & Cedar Pack of 1 $4.50 Buy ISG-12 »
ISG-13 Sage, Cedar & Lavender Pack of 1 $4.50 Buy ISG-13 »
ISG-14 Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass Pack of 1 $4.50 Buy ISG-14 »

Large Smudges - Approximately 8" in length
ISG-15 Sage & Cedar Pack of 1 $8.50 Buy ISG-15 »
ISG-16 Sage, Cedar & Lavender Pack of 1 $8.50 Buy ISG-16 »

Dreamtime Gecko Bowl

This beautiful, polished soapstone bowl has a beautiful, aborignal style gecko carved on it - a perfect vessel for smudges, herbs, etc. The bowl measures 4" in diameter, and is almost 1 1/2" tall. Pictured with one of our mini smudges (not included).

ISS-29 4" Gecko Bowl $7.95 Buy ISS-29 »

Inlaid Gecko Bowl

Inlaid with genuine mother of pearl, this polished soapstone bowl measures nearly 6" in diameter, and is about 1 1/4" tall. Pictured with our mini smudges (not included).

ISS-28 6" Inlaid Gecko Bowl $17.95 Buy ISS-28 »

Abalone Shell

This natural abalone shell makes a fantastic vessel for burning natural herbs, cone or pellet incense, or smudge rope incense. It is around 5-6", and shape varies. Pictured with one of our mini smudges (not included).
IS-3 5" - 6" Abalone Shell $9.95 Buy IS-3 »

Global Shaman® Native American Gift Set

This gift box is the perfect smudging starter set. It includes six smudges, a small abalone shell, a Native American medicine bag & dream pillow, a draw-string linen bag, a hand-carved turtle fetish and an information booklet.

The booklet is a wonderful resource - it includes a history of shamanistic knowledge from around the world, plus details about the various herbs and flowers used in the smudges, pillows and medicine bag. This guide also includes instructions for how to light and burn a smudge, plus a step-by-step space clearing ceremony.

The particulars:

    Smudges: Mountain sage, white sage, cedar, lavender and yerba santa are used to clear and bless your space, dispelling negative energy and attracting positive energy and peace

    Medicine Bag: "Prosperity" - White sage and lavender create energy conducive to success.

    Dream Pillow: "Dreams & Visions" - Mountain sage, geranium, gergamot and rock minerals support peaceful energy for deep dreams.

This gift box is attractively constructed with a lovely recycled pressed paper cover, with a button & twine closure.

ISG-1 Global Shaman Native American Gift Set $32.95 Buy ISG-1 »