Soapstone Incense "Smoking" Bottles

Our unique incense bottles are artistically hand-carved from soapstone. To use, remove the top, place the bamboo end of the lit incense stick into the cork (in the top). Replace the lid on the bottle. The incense will burn upside down, and the smoke with drift out through the cut-out areas of the bottle. The effect is absolutely gorgeous!

The light colored soapstone bottle has a vine and flower design, and measures 9.5" tall. The taller bottle is a richly polished soapstone, which gives it a dark-grey, nearly black color. It measures 10" tall, and has a floral mandala design.

Product currently unavailable.

Product currently unavailable.

Star Incense Plate

This fantastically detailed incense plate is made from recycled aluminum, measures 4.5" in diameter, and is embossed on both sides. Holds 5 sticks of incense.

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Yin Yang Incense Plate

Lovely recycled aluminum incense plate holds 4 sticks of incense, and measures 4" in diameter.

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Moon & Sun Aluminum Incense Plate

10" of beautifully embossed recycled aluminum make up this lovely incense burner.

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Star Cone and Stick Incense Burner

This lovely star patterned soap stone incense burner is designed to hold both cone incense and stick incense. The lid turns upside down and holds up to 5 pieces of stick incense. Or keep the lid on tight with the cone burning inside, and watch the smoke coil up out of the stars. Diameter=4".

ISS-7 $9.00 Buy Star Cut Soapstone Two Piece Incense Burner »

Mini Star Cut Soapstone Incense Burner

Beautiful smaller version of the diffuser above. This soapstone incense burner holds both cones and sticks. For use with cones, use as shown. With sticks, turn the lid upside down and insert up to four pieces of stick incense. Measures 2" wide, and 2.5" tall.

ISS-8 $4.00 Buy Small Star Cut Soapstone Two Piece Incense Burner »

Lotus Flower Soapstone Incense Plate

Our 4" diameter Lotus Flower soap stone incense plates both hold up to 5 sticks of stick incense or cone incense.

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Mini Sunflower Soapstone Incense Plate

Our smaller, 2" diameter Mini-Sunflower soap stone incense plate also holds up to five sticks of incense, and can be used for cone incense as well.

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