Soapstone Oil Diffuers

Soapstone is a soft stone, perfect for carving. It retains heat well, and is 100% fire proof. Each soapstone diffuser is hand-carved and comes in a variety of natural colors. To use, fill the diffuser bowl with water and 5-10 drops of pure essential oil. (You can also add whole herbs, flowers, or resin to the water-filled bowl as well.) Place a tea-light candle in the bottom of the diffuser, light and enjoy!

Tea Light Candles

Tea Lights - each box contains 10 tiny white candles in holders, perfect for use in oil or potpourri diffusers.

CND-4 $4.00 Buy Box of 10

Two-Tone Sun/Moon/Om
Soapstone Oil Diffuser

This incredible essential oil diffuser is crafted from soapstone, and carved with a beautiful Sun/Moon/Om motif, with leaf accents. It measures 4.5" tall, and comes with a tempered glass diffuser bowl.

ISS-33 $25.95 Buy Two-Tone Sun/Moon/Om Soapstone Diffuser »

Galaxy Three Piece
Soapstone Oil Diffuser

This beautiful three piece diffuser has a plate, the sun, moon & star carved body, plus the bowl. It measures 4.5" tall, with a 3.5" diameter and comes with a tempered glass diffuser bowl.

ISS-13 $24.95 Buy Galaxy 3-Part Soapstone Oil Diffuser »

Rising Sun Oil Diffuser

Beautiful soapstone diffuser measures 3" tall, and 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" wide, and has a removable diffuser bowl.

ISS-4 $13.00 Buy Soapstone Rising Sun Oil Diffuser »

Star & Crescent Diffuser

Lovely polished soapstone diffuser with star and crescent moon cutouts. H=4.5", D=3.5"

ISS-6 $18.00 Buy Moon & Star Soapstone Oil Diffuser »

Black Flower Etched Diffuser

This stunning soapstone diffuser is highly polished, and then etched with an amazing flower and vine pattern! Measures 3.6" tall.

ISS-31 $14.95 Buy Flower Etched Polished Soapstone Oil Diffuser »

Celtic Inlay Diffuser

This diffuser has an intricate Celtic Triskel spiral pattern, inlaid with genuine mother of pearl. Includes a tempered glass bowl, and measures 4" tall.

ISS-32 $24.95 Buy Celtic Inlay Soapstone Diffuser »