Pewter Hair Clips
By Oberon Design

These lovely barrettes from Oberon are cast from lead-free pewter, with high quality French clips (the good, one-piece ones from France). These barrettes are very detailed and intricate - extremely high quality!

Personally - I have a hard time finding clips that will hold all of my own very long, thick hair, but these clips actually will hold all my hair with comfort! What a find!

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These items have been discontinued and we have only a few pieces remaining.

Lotus Hair Clip

This peaceful, soothing design measures 3 1/2" wide, and 7/8" tall. The clip itself is 70mm.

OD15-40 $15.95 Buy Pewter Hair Clip - Lotus »

Dragon Hair Basket

This curved dragon basket includes a separate stick for wrapping around a french twist or updo. Gorgeous!

Product currently unavailable.

Nouveau Weave Hair Clip

This lovely design has an 80mm clip, and measures 3.5" wide, and a little over 1" tall.

OD15-34 $15.95 Buy Pewter Hair Clip - Nouveau Weave »

Sunflowers Hair Clip

A stunning design! This clip measures 1 1/4" tall by 3 1/2" wide. The french clip base measures 80mm wide.

OD15-13 $15.95 Buy Pewter Sunflower Hair Clip »

Wildflowers Hair Clip

This lovely, slightly Victorian looking pewter clip measures 3 1/4" wide and 3/4" tall. The clip is 70mm wide.

OD15-16 $15.95 Buy Pewter Wildflower Hair Clip »

Narcissus Hair Stick

Oberon made my day when they introduced these hair sticks! I love to pop in a loose french twist and run a pronged hair stick down the roll to hold it in place. I'm so happy to have an Oberon hair stick for my favorite style! This hair stick measures 5 1/2" long. The base is a high quality stick, capped with a double-sided pewter top.

Product currently unavailable.

Butterflies Clip

Gorgeous butterflies pewter hair clip measures about 3" long, and a tad shy of 1" tall. The clip is 70mm wide.

OD15-21 $15.95 Buy Pewter Hair Clip - Butterflies »

Dragonfly Lily Pad Hair Clip

A sweet reminder of summertime - this lovely pewter clip measures about 3 3/4" long, and nearly 1 1/2" tall. The french clip base is 80mm wide.

Product currently unavailable.

Oak Leaves & Acorn Clip

A classic Oberon theme - Oak Leaves and Acorns - this pewter clip measures about 3 3/4" wide, and about 1" tall. The french clip base is 80mm wide.

OD15-25 $15.95 Buy Pewter Hair Clip - Oak Leaves & Acorn »

Feather Hair Clip

I couldn't leave this beautiful feather clip out of this collection. This unique clip measures about 1" tall by 3" wide. The french clip base is 70mm wide.

OD15-19 $15.95 Buy Pewter Hair Clip - Feather »