Courtney Davis Tapestries

These gorgeous tapestries are 100% cotton, and measure 83" x 93". They are mid-weight - perfect for spring, summer and fall (add a blanket underneath for chilly weather). Or think outside the bead and drape these over your favorite chair or sofa, or hang them up to decorate an empty wall! Hand-wash Cold and Line Dray.

Each throw includes a lore card with information about the symbols and mythology in the design.

Night Dragon Tapestry

The dragon is a fabulous creature & a universal symbolic figure that is found in the majority of cultures around the world. See our jewelry page for the matching pendant.

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Peace Angel Tapestry

Angels take their name from the Greek word for messenger. These intermediaries between God and man are a constant spiritual presence in our lives though seldom seen. Our gift from the Angel of Peace is the overflowing Grail offering a blessing of peace within and without.

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Cycle of Ages Tapestry

The Zodiac is one of the most widespread symbols. In almost every land and age, its characteristics are the same circular form, with twelve subdivisions and their corresponding signs and their relationship with the seven planets. The slow processional cycle of the equinox, the twelve great zodiacal ages of the Planet Earth takes twenty-six thousand years to complete. As we move closer to AD2010, the Piscean Age (mystic fusion) will be overtaken with Aquarius (illumination).

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