Tarot Plain & Simple

By Anthony Louis

Tarot Plain and Simple presents the Tarot in clear language that anyone can understand. Everything is explained so you'll know exactly what the cards mean. Even the symbolism of the different colors used on the cards is clearly described.

The book begins by giving you a quick overview of the cards and even some scientific interpretations as to how the Tarot works. Then you will learn six different spreads and see how they work with several examples. But the meat of this book is the complete yet simple explanation of the interpretation of each card. There are 78 cards in a traditional Tarot deck, and in this book the author gives a brief description of each card followed by a list of key words and phrases for a more in-depth interpretation. Then you are told what type of situations the card refers to and any advice the card might give. Finally, the author shares with you the type of people the card may reference. This information is presented for both the upright and reversed position of each of the 78 cards.

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Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards

By Corrine Kenner

Practical, fun, and easy-to-use, this guide will show you how to combine wisdom from the cards with your intuition and common sense to achieve a new understanding of the past, present, and future. Kenner introduces the basics—why tarot works, its colorful history, spreads, ethics, giving readings—along with practical techniques for timing predictions and enhancing your psychic skills. The personality of each card is brought to life through myth and legend, numerical and astrological symbolism, and keywords gleaned from legendary occult scholars. You'll soon learn how to read these classic images and, with practice, divine meaning from signs and symbols in everyday life, too.

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Tarot Unveiled
The Method to its Magic

By Laura Clarson

At last, a Tarot book comprehensive enough to address issues that have consistently puzzled Tarot card readers. This book address questions such as:

  • How the Tarot Works - the role of the unconcious mind in Tarot card reading
  • How to forecast using an original and effective system for precision timing
  • How to synthsize the basic meaning of an entire spread through the Advice card
  • How to use the author's Double Celtic Cross Spread as a versatile, all-purpose tool
  • Illustrations of every card in the deck with modernized meanings for all the cards, both upright and reversed, and suggested advice on how to interpret each card when reading for a client
  • Specific combinations of cards relating to love, finances, health and travel
  • Why ethics and counseling are important in Tarot card reading
  • Why we need a special card in the Tarot deck to represent the unknowable
  • The continuing mystery - what we don't yet know about the Tarot.

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