May 28 2014

FBB: Sunny on a Dock

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Spent a few days camping along the Rappahannock river. I do not know that Sunny ever dried off.

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May 16 2014

FBB: Feels good to be a hound dog…

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Feb 25 2014

Radiant Orchid Blend with Vintaj Patinas

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I haven’t been a fan of the last couple of “Color of the Year” picks by Pantone, but they won me over this year – bring on the Radiant Orchid!

I’ve been playing around with Vintaj Patina Paints – trying to come up with just the right mix to create a radiant orchid metal paint, and by George, I think I’ve got it.

My “recipe” is:

  • 2 Parts Amethyst
  • 2 Parts Opalite
  • 1 Part Ruby

Mix well, and you’re ready to paint!

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Feb 23 2014

Still Playing – TierraCast Leather Findings Part 2

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A couple of easy designs made with 2mm Leather Cord plus focal bars and slider beads from the TierraCast Leather Findings Collection.

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Feb 15 2014

New from TierraCast – Leather Findings Collection – Part 2

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Expanding on their innovative release from 2013, the winter 2014 collection from TierraCast is the Leather Findings Collection – Part II. This collection is full of goodies (see the long list below), and my only complaint is that I don’t have more time to play with them all!

I’ve been in need of some sun to brighten up these winter days, so my first two creations are warm and sunny with golden yellow Swarovski crystal accents. In the top design, I used TierraCast’s fabulous new slider frame, filled with crystal clay and set with sparkling chatons. The sliders are designed to fit precisely over TierraCast’s 1/2″ leather bracelet straps. Some of TierraCast’s new scalloped flower rivetables perfectly finished this design. For a complementary bracelet, I riveted a 12mm rivoli link right onto the strap as the focal, and accented it with TierraCast’s new glue-ready crystal rivetables, set with matching stones.

I’ll be posting more creations as I get the chance. Without further ado, here’s the link to the new release page, and a summary of what’s new.

Focals and Rivetables: Five fabulous focal links and nine rivetables truly expand riveting possibilities! The slightly curved focals are great used as long links in bracelets, earrings, and other designs, or riveted to leather or to other surfaces.

Leather Crimp Beads and Sliders: Two new barrel beads, wide enough to allow multiple passes of round leather cord and one slider that fits on our 1/2″ leather strap. All can be crimped with a simple pair of pliers!

Clasps: Four new focal quality clasps, all different but each offering a beautiful way to end your piece with a stylish yet secure closure.

Decorative Strap Tips and End Bars: Six sophisticated options to end your leather designs. Three new beautiful strap tips and three end bars to choose from. The 1” distressed slide will accommodate two pieces of our leather strap to create a wider bolder look.

Rivets, Eyelets, and Washers: A larger rivet with a longer post and three lengths of eyelets offer more stacking and design options such as linking, lacing, attaching, and embellishing. Our sweet little washers are perfect for reinforcing and adjusting project depth. All are available in six finishes and are incredibly easy to use.

Tools: TierraCast’s new 4mm and 6mm rivet setters and eyelet setter/anvil set were created to work perfectly with TierraCast rivets and eyelets. These beautiful tools are stainless steel for long lasting durability and the unique hex shape provides comfort, stability, and prevents rolling.

New Leather Strap Colors and Leather Flowers: By popular request, we have added two new leather strap colors, a sunny bright yellow and a light grey. We are also adding leather flowers in three sizes and eight colors – layer and rivet them for a unique, textural addition to your designs.

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Feb 08 2014

Friday Beast Blogging – SELFIES!

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So I came in the other day, and was rather surprised to find this waiting for me:

What else could I do but sit down with her and take some selfies?

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Jan 31 2014

Friday Beast Blogging …snerk…

So I broke down and bought a life-size neck and head mannequin, with a wig, so I can take “model photographs” of jewelry designs, in an hygienic fashion.

Okay, so the hygienic thing is just an excuse – I’m not really model material myself, hence the need for a mannequin. Eric thinks he might be, though… Here he is with my new acquisition, modeling her wig!

I will post a “real” photo of my mannequin, properly wigged and rigged, as soon as I get her set up.

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Jan 17 2014

Friday Beast Blogging – Overflow!

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It’s a hard life.

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Jan 10 2014

Friday Beast Blogging

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One of Hobie’s favorite napping spots – Owen’s chair. He’d prefer to be in the seat of the chair, but as that portion is in use, the back of it will suffice.

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Dec 20 2013

FBB – Sunny and Bert

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Sunny and Bert

Two buds, in one of Sunny’s favorite places to hang out. From the stairs he can see the driveway, the front yard, the road out front, etc.

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Dec 14 2013

Infrared Beast Blogging

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So we’re doing a little pre-Christmas testing of a gift-gadget for ourselves – a little wireless camera, intended to facilitate the bird watching at our feeder. Testing it in the house tonight, though – we found out that spying on our animals is ridiculously amusing.

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Nov 29 2013

Black Friday Beast Blogging

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Izzy and Mouse spending this chilly Black Friday cuddling in a sunbeam.

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Nov 02 2013

Saturday Beast Blogging

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I missed the “Friday” part of Friday Beast Blogging this week. But it must have been because I had to wait for this photo opportunity, which occurred about 10 minutes ago. Here we have…. Hobie Cat – this cat loves to lie on his back and taunt us with his exuberant laziness. He will lay like this for hours, in the very most central part of where ever I’m trying to work… just to rub it in.

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Oct 19 2013

Dia de los Muertos Jewelry

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I’ve been meaning to write this up as a formal project for a year or two – I took these pictures in 2011! But I just haven’t gotten to it yet. With Dia de los Muertos fast approaching – here’s the short version of how to make these colorful Day of the Dead earrings.

I started with some 6mm Swarovski Bicones, some dainty little 4mm scalloped bead caps by TierraCast, and some 2″ headpins. Wire wrap them into little beaded drops.

TierraCast’s Sugar Skull charms make lovely focals for this earring. Everything is put together with jumprings. Getting exactly the right number of jumprings is critical or else the sugar skulls will face sideways instead of frontways. I used 5mm jumprings here.

My first example uses traditional Dia de los Muertos colors – orange (fireopal), yellow (light topaz), fuchsia and amethyst – but a purple blend with brass turned out amazing, too!

All the parts for these earrings are available on the website! If you need help finding something, just drop me a note.

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Oct 04 2013

Friday Beast Blogging

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Here’s a little photo of the lovely Lady Indira, among the last of this year’s Crepe Myrtle blooms.

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