Isis Pendant
Sterling Silver by Uma Silbey

This stunning pendant mixes goddess and egyptian symbols, with a glowing purple amethyst gemstone for color. Measures a little over 1 1/4" tall.

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Angel Heart Pendant
Sterling Silver by Uma Silbey

A beautiful mix of gems - amethyst, garnet and opal, this angel pendant measures 1" tall.

UM-26 $64.95 Buy Sterling & Gemstone Angel Heart Pendant by Uma Silbey »

Moon Maiden Pendant
Sterling Silver by Uma Silbey

This lovely goddess pendant is accented with crescent moons and genuine amethyst gemstones. Measures 1" tall.

UM-20 $59.95 Buy Sterling & Amethyst Moon Maiden Pendant by Uma Silbey »

Large Crystal Goddesses

These lovely goddesses are handcarved crystal, wrapped with sterling silver wire and adorned with a small crystal cabachon. They measure about 1 1/4" tall, not including loop.

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Crystal Goddess Jewelry

This delicate carved crystal evokes images of the mother goddess with simple and flowing lines, wrapped in sterling silver wire. Approximately 1" tall, and available in amethyst, rose quartz, and quartz.

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