Touchstone Porcelain Celtic Jewelry

These lovely pieces were origially developed in Scotland over 25 years ago and are now handcrafted in Michigan from fine porcelain clay. Our Celtic Art designs are original illustrations of artist from Scotland, Canada and the United States based on traditional Celtic themes. The Pathfinder Wildlife designs were introduced in 2005 based on the work of Michgan artist Glenn Wolff.

The unique process allows for more detail in designs than other mediums. The designs are fired into the clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off. The pieces are surprisingly lightweight and finished to a satin touch.

Each piece comes gift boxed and includes descriptive information on the origin and meaning of the design. Pendants are on a 32" braided rayon cord.

The Tree of Life - Spiritual Energy, Wisdom

The Tree of Life represents the fruitfulness of the earth, evoking spiritual growth, abundance, and rebirth. Rooted in the heart of the earth, it drinks the sacred waters of life and stretches its brances into the heavens, providing a bridge between celestial and earthly powers. Each Celtic tribe had a sacred tree at its focal point, a symbol of sovereignty, sacred wisdom, and spiritual energy.

Pendant and earrings measure 1" in diameter. Earrings are hung on french hooks.

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Cerridwen - Transformation, Inspiration

Cauldrons in Celtic mythology are symbols of abundance, inspiration, and divine know-ledge, as well as sources of metamorphosis and spiritual rebirth. As keeper of the cauldron, Cerridwen is the goddess of transformation, controlling the shape changing of humans and animals and offering guidance and spiritual renewal at crucial junctures on life’s journey.

Pendant and earrings measure 1" in diameter. Earrings are hung on french hooks.

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Brigantia - Healing, Fire, & Inspiration

Brigantia is the Celtic goddess of healing, fire and inspiration. Often portrayed with serpents who possess the healing powers of the earth, she is associated with the curative energies of sacred wells and springs. As muse of the arts, she provides inspiration to the bard, smith, and other artisans. Her association with fire makes her the goddess of the family hearth & childbirth.

Pendant and earrings measure 1" in diameter. Earrings are hung on french hooks.

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Serpent - Earth Healer

Symbols of healing and wisdom, serpents live within the depths of the Earth Mother and have mastery of all her secret knowledge and vital forces. Both Brigantia and Stroni, Celtic goddesses of healing, use the serpent’s mystical powers to work their cures. Because of their wave-like movements, serpents are also assoc-iated with healing waters and sacred wells, sources of the regenerative healing powers from within the earth, and thus are protectors of health and well-being.

Pendant and earrings measure 1" in diameter. Earrings are hung on french hooks.

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The Horse - Sovereignty, Guidance

Epona and Macha are Celtic horse goddesses who watch over the land, protecting its abundance and insuring a good harvest. As protectors of nature, they both grant sovereignty over the land and are the goddesses of the stable. As goddesses of maternity, prophecy, and prosperity, they guide and protect mortals on their journeys through life.

Pendant and earrings measure 1" in diameter. Earrings are hung on french hooks.

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Knotwork - Spiritual Quest

Knotwork patterns are symbolic of life’s journey, an attempt to make sense of the maze of existence. They represent a continuity of life with no beginning and no end, a journey to one’s spiritual center, an inner quest for spriritual rebirth and a pathway to the sacred and divine source.

Pendant measures 1" in diameter.

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Celtic Cross - Celestial Energy

The cross is a universal symbol from ancient times, and like the sacred tree and standing stone, it represents to the Celts the union of celestial and earthly forces.

Pendant measures 1" in diameter.

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Nehalennia - Protector of Travelers

Nehalennia, the steerswoman, is the Celtic goddess who protects travelers during their life, but also on their journey through the afterlife. She is represented by dolphins, who protect seafarers, and dogs and ravens who protect land travelers. Along the coast of ancient Celtic settlements are standing stones carved with stylized dolphins, tributes to Nehalennia.

Pendant measures 1" in diameter.

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Spirals - Spiritual Growth

Since ancient times, spirals have represented spiritual growth, the ever expanding journey of the soul from the sacred vortex uncoiling outward to fill the universe, then returning to the balanced center, the creative source of spiritual power and rebirth. Spirals are a natural pattern found in wind and water currents, fern fronds, shells and seeds, and express the unfolding of the earth's energies and the expansion of the universe.

Pendant measures 1.5" in diameter.

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