Isis Necklace
Sterling Silver with Lapis & Moonstone

Isis is the Mother Goddess of Egypt. She taught her subjects to grind flour, spin, weave, and cure illnesses. Isis is portrayed with a unique headress formed by cow horns with a solar or lunar disk. This pendant shows the sylized cown horns surrounding a Lapis disk. Lapis is the the royal stone of Egypt, connecting the kings with the gods. The moonstone expresses the feminine power and beauty of Isis.

This necklace has a sterling foxtail chain, with a total length of 18.75", including the gemstone focal. The central point of the focal is 1" tall. This pendant includes a small card explaining the mythology of the design.

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Amber Scarab Pendant
Sterling Silver by Uma Silbey

This egyptian symbol is accented with a 1/2" piece of genuine amber - beautiful! Measures 1" tall.

UM-25 $59.95 Buy Sterling & Amber Scarab by Uma Silbey »

Isis Pendant
Sterling Silver by Uma Silbey

This stunning pendant mixes goddess and egyptian symbols, with a glowing purple amethyst gemstone for color. Measures a little over 1 1/4" tall.

UM-23 $59.95 Buy Sterling & Amethyst Isis Energy Pendant by Uma Silbey »

Ankh Pendant
Sterling Silver

This delightful simple pendant represents the Ankh, an Egyptian symbol of life. Measures 1 1/4" tall.

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