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Made in America from Culinary Grade Lead-Free Pewter

I LOVE TierraCast® pewter - I seem to use their spacers, findings, charms or beads in everything I make. They're extremely well made components, better looking and better priced than their Indian-made sterling counterparts. For more information about these beautiful components - click here.-- Erin

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why I Love TierraCast

My love affair with TierraCast began in 1996 when I first discovered their beautiful Celtic beads and charms, and I've been using these beautiful components ever since. I use TierraCast beads, findings, toggles, bead caps or charms in nearly every project I make! These components are manufactured from start to finish in the United States, and the quality and workmanship is phenomenal - better made and better priced than many precious metal alternatives.

Visit my Projects Page to see some of the many free designs using TierraCast beads, charms, toggles, bead caps and more.

TierraCast Lead-Free Pewter

TierraCast beads and findings are FDA certified lead-free. TierraCast is made from the Britannia pewter alloy, and it exceeds both the CPSC standard and the new California law regulating children's jewelry content. Britannia pewter is a culinary grade pewter - it is so safe you can eat and drink from cups and plates made of it.

TierraCast Platings & Finishes

TierraCast beads and jewelry components start with the Britannia pewter base, and are electroplated with various metals to create the finished piece. While ordinary plated jewelry components are notorious for wearing or rubbing off, leaving the base below exposed, electroplated finishes are much thicker and more durable, and will easily withstand reasonable wear and tear.

TierraCast beads, findings and jewelry components with the Antique Silver and Bright Silver finishes are electroplated with pure silver (also called "fine silver" or ".999 silver"). These finishes look exactly like sterling silver. These finishes, like sterling silver components, are susceptible to tarnish. However, they can be cleaned with a soft jewelry polishing cloth, or with a gentle liquid cleaner.

TierraCast beads, findings and jewelry components with the Antique Gold and Bright Gold finishes are electroplated with 22k quality Gold Plate. This finish will not tarnish.

TierraCast beads, findings and jewelry components with the Antique Copper finish are plated with genuine copper, topped with a tarnish stopping metals. This finish will not tarnish (or make your skin turn green).

TierraCast beads, findings and jewelry components with the Antique Rhodium and Bright Rhodium finishes are electroplated with Rhodium. Rhodium is a metal in the platinum family, and is scratch resistant and does not tarnish. These finishes are a slightly darker grey than the Antique and Bright Silver finishes, but they blend well with sterling components.

Antiquing is a chemical process that gives depth and detail by creating dark areas along crevices and recessed areas, and consequently making the polished areas stand out more. Most of our TierraCast beads, findings and jewelry components have antiqued finishes to bring out the detail. Some pieces are not antiqued (notably the Hammertone Collection), and have a brighter appearance. Each piece will specifically state whether or not it is antiqued or bright in the description. All of the TierraCast copper components are antiqued. Antiquing is a common process - it is used in sterling charms, bali spacers, etc, to bring out the detail of the piece.

Other TierraCast Pieces & Volume Pricing

Can't find it here, and know that TierraCast makes it? Yes - there are some pieces that haven't yet been added to the website. Let me know which piece (a TierraCast part number is handy), and I'll add it to the catalog.

Volume pricing is offered on a per-item basis. Every TierraCast item will be available in multiple pack sizes. The larger the package size - the steeper the discount per piece. Select your pack size (and volume discount) when you add the item to your shopping cart.

More Information About TierraCast

TierraCast has a great FAQ on their website with all sorts of technical details, photographs of the manufacturing process, and more. It is available here.